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Building The Future

Our Mission

The Australian STEM Video Game Challenge exists to engage Australian students with the subject areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through the process of designing and building an original video game.

We challenge students to use STEM-related skills in a creative environment, engaging and empowering them to learn by constructing something interactive, stimulating and meaningful using fun, creativity and innovation.


Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are among the most critical disciplines required for businesses to succeed in the 21st century.
Australia has a long tail of underperforming students in STEM -  there has been a steep decline in student performance in science and mathematics between Years 4 and 8, and a declining percentage of  Year 12 students participating in STEM subjects.

The gap between the current level of STEM-related learning by Australian students and the level of STEM-related skills they will inevitably need to join and succeed in the workforce of the future is widening, and creates a worrying scenario for the future of the Australian economy, and our position in the global marketplace.

There is need to teach students to approach problems critically, and to solve them with creativity; to tackle challenges from new perspectives; and to research and resource themselves along the way. But most of all, we need to engage students with problems and challenges that drive them toward these outcomes and make learning STEM skills desirable, achievable and where possible, fun!

Game On!

Driven By Research

Facilitated by the ACER Foundation, the charitable arm of The Australian Council for Educational Research, the ongoing mission of the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge is to help engage Australian students with STEM disciplines in a new and exciting way, and to facilitate inquiry-based learning that inspires and prepares the next generation of Australian students for the future.

We are continuously working to change learning, to challenge traditional perceptions of STEM-related skills and to restimulate commitment to STEM subjects and related disciplines in Australian schools.

Powered By Partners

We’re aiming to involve, engage and inspire more than 10 000 Australian students in the next three years, and to make a real difference to Australia’s future.

With the aid of your insights, stakeholder networks, professional resources and financial assistance, we can accelerate and amplify our efforts - helping to further close the gap between current learning and the skills required for students to participate and succeed in the 21st century world.

We invite you to partner with us, and to play an active role in preparing the next generation of Australians to meet the challenges of the future – whatever they may be.

Dowload Partnership Brochure

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A Vision For The Future

At our current rate of growth, by 2018 the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge will engage 5000 Australian students annually with STEM-related learning through game design and development.
Over the next three years, more than 2500 completed games will be submitted for judging, created by participants representing every Australian state and territory.

The role of our partners is pivotal to our immediate and long-term success.

The ACER Foundation, founding partner of the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge and a recognised charitable organisation to whom all donations are classified as tax deductable, is seeking additional corporate sponsors to sustain this initiative.

By supporting the ACER Foundation with financial or in-kind support, partners benefit from a more diverse future talent pool with more advanced STEM skill sets. 

Dowload Partnership Brochure

Benefits of Partnership

  • As an initiative of the ACER Foundation (a registered charity), all financial contributions to the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge are tax deductible.
  • Visibility within the education sector – the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge is actively engaging teachers, parents and students with print, email and face-to-face communication. As a partner, we invite you to share in this communication and to associate your brand with our positive contribution towards STEM education in Australia.
  • Associate your organisation or brand with innovation and creativity – help facilitate a new way of learning in Australian schools, and advocate for a secure future for the next generation of Australians.
  • Opportunities to engage your staff with Australian STEM Video Game Challenge projects and events – help judge games, advocate for the initiative at public-facing events, facilitate workshops and mentor students.
  • Attend the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge Awards Ceremony in Melbourne, meet our winners and present them with their prizes!

To discuss partnership opportunities please contact:

Liam Hensel
Project Director, Australian STEM Video Game Challenge
Phone (03) 9277 5468


The Australian STEM Video Game Challenge team loves talking to people about education, STEM, video games and how all three things can work together.

We are always on the lookout for new partners and organisations that can support our goal of making STEM learning fun and interactive.

You can reach us using the details below:

Twitter     @STEMGamesAus

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