The Australian STEM Video Game Challenge is a great way to learn about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) by desiging and building your very own video game!

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We’re calling on students, teachers, principals, parents and school communities to get involved with the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge this year, and to tackle STEM learning in a new and challenging way. It’s completely free to enter, and links to resources and tools are provided. All that’s needed is imagination and a great idea for a game!


The Australian STEM Video Game Challenge is open to Australian students in Years 5-12 and is split into a variety of entry categories.
Entrants must be Australian residents and must have consent from a parent or guardian to participate.

The Australian STEM Video Game Challenge is divided into six separate entrance categories:

Students in Years 5-8

Students in Years 9-12

Forming a group

Although entrants can be individual students or groups of up to four, we strongly encourage you to work as part of a group. Game development requires a number of different skills and there is rarely a game that is developed by an individual working alone. Consider the skill set you’ll need for the video game you want to develop and team members you’ll need to fill the different roles needed to turn your video game from idea into reality.

Roles you could divide between your group members include:

  • Game designer – designs the rules and the structure of the game making sure that players can easily understand how to play the game.  They need to think about the gameplay, what are the goals of the game, the balance of challenges and rewards, feedback to the player, levels and increasing difficulties.
  • Audio designer – creates the sound effects or voices of the characters.
  • Artist – designs the look and graphic design of the game, ensuring it is consistent throughout the game.
  • Programmer – writes any code required. Depending on what platform you use there may be none, minimal or a large amount of coding required.
  • Story teller – writes the story behind the video game. They think about what is happening in the game and how the story will progress through the game. 
  • Tester – is responsible for testing the game and ensuring that there are no glitches or technical problems. 


All entries must comply with the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge rules.
You can download a copy of the new rules for 2016 below.

Download Rules

Classification Guidelines

Much of the STEM-related learning involved in video game development is derived from the process itself. Trial and error, self-generated enquiry, and the acquisition of new skills to produce a given outcome or fulfil a desired objective – all are often inherent in the process of building a video game from idea into working end product.

To reflect this process-based approach to learning, games entered in the 2016 Australian STEM Video Game Challenge are not required to contain an explicit science, technology, engineering or mathematical theme.

All games entered, however,  must be ‘G’ rated and comply with the classification guidelines.
You can download a copy of the 2016 classification guidelines below.

Download Classification Guidelines


2016 Competition Dates

We're excited to announce that the 2016 Australian STEM Video Game Challenge will run from Sunday 3 April - Friday 19 August 2016!
Registration will be open from Sunday 3 April - Friday 3 June 2016, with the game submission period taking place from 7–19 August inclusive.

It's never too early to begin planning your game - sketching out ideas, gathering your team together, and talking with your teacher about planning lessons on game development in the new school year.

More information will be available soon, including some exciting changes and improvements to the competition for the coming year, so keep checking back for updates!


We've compiled a range of resources to help guide you through the process of creating your very own game, and more importantly, to help you learn! This page is designed primarily for students. If you are a teacher or a parent, we have prepared some additional resources for you here.

Beginning work on your entry for the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge?

The Resources section is available online for free, to help provide instruction, ideas and inspiration for participants in the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge

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Prizes for the 2016 Australian STEM Video Game Challenge will be announced early in 2016!

We're working hard to ensure that the prizes for the upcoming competition are bigger and better than previous years.

Want to see what it takes to win? Take a look at the games from previous winners below:

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Get some help

This year the Challenge aims to provide you with more help and resources. We are still finalising this but in the meantime check out the resources already available online using the links and FAQs on the resources page.


The Australian STEM Video Game Challenge team loves talking to people about education, STEM, video games and how all three things can work together.

We are always on the lookout for new partners and organisations that can support our goal of making STEM learning fun and interactive.

You can reach us using the details below:

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