2015 Winners

Australian STEM Video Game Challenge Winners

We are delighted to present the winners of the 2015 Australian STEM Video Game Challenge.  The judges had a great time playing everyone's games and look forward to the 2016 Challenge!

Year 5-8 Individual
Year 5-8 Group
Year 9-12 Individual
Year 9-12 Group
Year 9-12 Individual Advanced
Year 9-12 Group Advanced
PwC Achievement Award (Female)
PwC Achievement Award (Indigenous)

Year 5 - 8 Individual 2015

Phlight – The Journey Home

Daniel Blaker
Parade College, VIC

Phlight is a two-dimensional adventure/puzzle game that places the user in the role of an interstellar explorer journeying back to Earth after crashing on the far side of the solar system. In order to progress and complete ‘The Journey Home’, players must solve a series of puzzles which combine elements of geology and chemistry with physics and lateral thinking.

Presented with an 8-bit pixelated look and feel, Phlight is a great game supported by a strong understanding of scientific concepts and a very deserving winner of the Year 5/8 Individual Award.

Year 5 - 8 group 2015

Periodic Survival

Periodic Survival
Mosman High School, NSW

Periodic Survival is an interactive ‘storybook’ style game that helps to foster an understanding of basic elements on the Periodic Table. Taking on the role of an explorer lost in the desert, the player must use the elements in combination to make items and substances necessary to survival. With an engaging storyline, and a clear progression of difficulty, Periodic Survival is a fun, web-based game that makes a great revision activity for the basics of chemistry.

Year 9 - 12 Individual 2015


Aidan Court
John Pirie Secondary School, SA

Rexplorer is a two-dimensional game about exploration and conservation.

Built with Game Maker, Rexplorer sees the player take on the role of ‘Rex’; an adventurer charged with rescuing and protecting endangered Australian animals from an evil robot invasion. By navigating through maze-like levels, and avoiding or eliminating traps and threats, the player is rewarded with information about each endangered animal that has been rescued – giving the game an important educational perspective. A distinctively Australian game, Rexplorer is easy and enjoyable to play, with a well-constructed storyline that both informs and entertains.

Year 9 - 12 Group 2015

Dolphin Dive

Anomaly Blue
Callaghan College, NSW

Dolphin Dive is a side-scrolling adventure game built in Javascript, which sees the player embody a dolphin on the run from an oil spill.

Conveying an important message about biology and ecology, the game requires the player to evade obstacles (in the form of litter and debris) in order to outrun the pursuing toxic sludge. Effective and addictive, Dolphin Dive is easy to pick-up and fun to play, while promoting an important message about the conservation and preservation of our oceans and waterways.

Year 9-12 Individual Advanced 2015


Kwergan Gregory
Bunbury Senior High School, WA

Rewire is a three-dimensional problem solving/puzzle game built in Unity. Armed with an experimental piece of technology called the ‘Rewire Tool’, the player must navigate through rooms using the tool to connect various combinations of output and input nodes in order to achieve objectives.

An exercise in lateral thinking and problem solving, Rewire uses concepts found in electronics and robotics to create an engaging and interactive adventure for the player, introducing new concepts gradually to help the player advance through more difficult puzzles and challenges.

Overall Rewire is an interesting, creative and challenging game, with an engaging premise that draws on systematic thinking to deliver a game that is both engaging and enjoyable.

Year 9 -12 Group Advanced 2015

Malware Meltdown

Invisible Wombats
Trinity Christian School, ACT

Malware Meltdown is a creative two-dimensional game which allows the player to take control of antivirus software within a corrupt computer system. Built in Unity, the game sees the player navigate the internal components of a computer system using an upgradable collection of items to destroy pieces of ‘malware’ which threaten to compromise the system.

 Combining strategy, combat mechanics and increasing difficulty with computer science Malware Meltdown is a great concept, and a fun and engaging way to learn about cyber security.

PwC Achievement Award (Female)

Destroy The Nurdles, Save The Turtles

Penrhos One
Penrhos College, WA

Destroy The Nurdles, Save The Turtles is a strategy-based game built in Game Maker. Built around the theme of conservation and protection of the environment from ‘nurdles’ – small plastic pellets that are accumulating in Earth’s oceans, the player must navigate around the screen destroying the ‘nurdles’ before they come into contact with turtles and other marine life, causing them distress. The player must split efforts between eliminating the nurdles, and offering assistance to the affected marine life, creating an increasingly difficult challenge as the user tries to balance the two objectives successfully. Overall, Destroy The Nurdles, Save The Turtles is a surprisingly addictive game, that delivers an interactive message about ecology and the dangers threatening the world’s marine life.

PwC Achievement Award (Indigenous)

Times Of War

Couch Gaming
Montrose Bay High School, TAS

Times Of War is a two-dimensional wave-defence game built in Stencyl.

Charged with defending a castle from invading forces, the player must successfully answer multiplication questions to fend off the advances of an opposing force. As the game progresses, enemies spawn more frequently, challenging the player to answer questions with more urgency in order to successfully repel the influx of enemies. Supported by a dramatic soundtrack, Times Of War is a clever adaptation of a popular concept, that weaves learning directly into the game play, and challenges the player to achieve both speed and accuracy in an engaging way.


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